Goodbye Georgia Servers

August 09, 2017

We thank ahs3 for his willingness and dedication to host for Leagues United. However, all good things must come to an end as we bid farewell to our Georgia servers. For players in that region, while lag may increase a tad bit, the New Jersey servers will continue to remain available.

What's going to happen to the replays?

All replays have been relocated to There were no naming conflicts, so all replay filenames remain the same as listed on our website.

What's going to happen to the matches that occurred on this server?

Match results are not affected, so all your FMs and official matches still count.

Team FM Day Trial

August 06, 2017

I would like to introduce a new idea. Team FM Day! What this will be if the trial is successful is a scheduled FM day where the actual teams' members are on the same teams for the FMs. This will allow the teams to practice and learn to work together in a non-official capacity, and perhaps improve skills as a unit. I have suggested the following times and sent a forum pm to the active team captains:

Team FM Day Trial Thursday August, 10th with three times: 1:00PM EST/ 17UTC, 4:00PM EST/20:00 UTC, and 7:00PM EST/23:00 UTC

Please let everyone know and get as many team mates together as you can and attend. This will also spur some official matches if attendance is good.

LTS Event for Sunday August 6th, 2017

August 06, 2017

Thanks to all of those who showed for todays LTS event! I think it was quite fun for all, starting out a bit slow but ending up with decent turnout. Congratulations goes to the winners as follows:

Ducati - tox Ocut - Bunthy Pillbox - tox Hix #1 - Bunthy Babel - Coltrain Hix # 2 - snow_monkey

We had 3 no-jump maps and 3 jumping... a little something for everyone.