Matchathon Winners

January 22, 2018

1st place: MILK with 13.
2nd: Poison with 10.
3rd: FF with 4.

Thank you to all who participated and special thank you to our hosters!!!


January 16, 2018


A weekend event where League Teams (ie BerZerk vs Minimalist) match throughout the time frame listed and the team that matches the most in that time frame: wins the Matchathon.
Match on any of the maps offered on our match servers.
WIN LOSE or DRAW's the total number of matches played by a League team.
PLEASE NOTE: LU vs MIXED…..only the LU team gets a point added to their total. This is not an individual event.

Begins: Friday, January 19th NY 3pm EST, UK 20 UTC, Paris 21 CET, Berlin 21 CET

Ends: Sunday, January 21st NY midnight EST, UK 5 UTC, Paris 6 CET, Berlin 6 CET

Where: LU official Match servers:

  • 5196, 5197. 5198
  • BRL.ARPA.NET: 5196, 5197, 5198
  •, 5197, 5198

Triple Hix event is coming: Remember that Consti will be using ELOs for ranking! Boost your elos with officials!

Doubles/Triples tourney

December 12, 2017

Macsforme (formerly Constitution) has been working on updating the old doubles site... this is what it looks like now:
He is inquiring whether there would be interest in having another event soon? I know at least a few people (myself & OP that I know of) have approached him about it recently.

If you are interested in such events, please pm macsforme on the forums ( If enough respond, he will schedule one (and possibly more if this proves successful.)
Ball is in the players' court now. You snooze, you lose the opportunity for fun.


Commemorative Event

December 08, 2017

Hello everyone,

As you may recall, Troy passed away a year ago on Nov 14. T-roy's birthday is this coming Sunday, Dec 10th and he would have been 45.
COMMEMORATIVE EVENT: for those having passed away.
Date: Dec 10.
Time: 2pm edt, London 19 UTC/GMT, Paris 20 CET, Germany 20 CET.
Where: port 5173 Troy community server. We'll play on all the maps that he was fond of: MW2, ducati, pb, hix, and much more.

Come join the fun as we remember T-roy and those who have passed on from life on bz:
Alice D, Cam, DenverD, Didi, Murielle, Nidhogger, Papi, and Surftank....listed alphabetically.
These each were special in their own right and contributed to bzflag by playing, coding, hosting.

LU's "All Inclusive Stars" event TEAMS have been chosen:

October 30, 2017

TEAM A Captain: button Co-capt: Monster
Kenshin, Janis, lax, glue, leviathan, tox, coltrain, m1chael, gaboot, gorgomol, kierra, mahem1, zhukov, Bertman, ccb

TEAM B Captain: Alec Co-captain: R3lax
legend13, shuist, morning glory, etigah, hydra, aradaen, mlg, hogfish, Carioca, D3ad Turtle, bunthy, mdskpr, moto unit, g-o-t, runruns, jondoe

Date: November 5
Time: 2:30 edt, 19:30 UTC
Server: 5196