LTS: Sunday, June 2

May 31, 2019

Hi guys and gals

Who: The BZFlag Community
What: LTS (Last Tank Standing)
Join as rogue before the countdown is done. If you miss the countdown, you have to wait till next round.
It's an elimination map...last tank alive wins!!!!
When: Sunday, June 2, 3pm EDT, 19 UTC, 21 CEST
Where: port 5194
Why: Because it's fun, for bragging rights on being the last tank, to be part of a community event, and lastly because you'll gain favorite tank status if you come :wink: (jk, we don't have favs)

Community wide event on Super Flag maps

May 15, 2019

CTF event on super flag maps!
When: Sunday, May 19, 2019
Time: 3pm DST, 20 UTC(London), 21 CET (paris, berlin)
Where: port 5198
What: In place are several super flag maps including: Whammo!'s ctf map, MW 2.3, BoxyWars, CastleWarfare, CrossAssault, Gloom, Space Invaders, etc.

Join in for the fun

Community wide event

January 21, 2019

Coming soon:
Who: All registered players invited.
What: Several timed matches on MW 2.3, Grassroots (Babel), ducati, two castles, hix, and more.
When: Sunday, January 27th. Time: New York 2pm EST. London 19 UTC, Paris 20 CET, Berlin 20 CET.
Where: Troy server: Port 5173.
Why: Join us for some great fun for all!

Tank Battle 3 teams

December 07, 2018

Team Blinky:
R3lax, Bunthy, Yvaika, zaa, tox, moto unit, PokrzewkA, quantumfoam, alpha-5h, D3ad Turtle

Team Button:
Janis, Legend_13, easy tank, hogfish, 15349, Carioca, runruns, gaboot, gort, jondoe

Sunday, Dec 9 at 3pm est, 20 UTC, 21 CET