Welcome to Leagues United (LU), we are the BZFlag league. It represents the consolidation of 3 bzflag leagues: Ducati, GU and OL (OpenLeague) and their maps.

  1. Register your callsign on the BZFlag Forums; this is the same account you use to login on servers and here.
  2. Click on the "Login/Register" button on the upper right, and log in to this website; your account will automatically be created.
  3. Request spawn perms to play/talk by contacting a Council member, either by private message here on LU site or by forum pm. kierra is the most active admin so you'll get a quick response.
  4. Be sure to read the Rules


Friendly competitive matches and awesome matches are what we are all about! So when you join a match server, be sure to join as an observer first in order not to disrupt a match that may be occurring.

All matches have 3 different durations, 15, 20, and 30 minutes. Before a match begins, anyone can change the duration of the match using the /timelimit command. The default match duration is 30 minutes but to change it to 15 minutes, you'd do /timelimit 15.

Fun Matches

Fun matches are when players match even teams 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 etc. regardless of their team membership. In order to start a fun match, use the /fm command.

Official Matches

Oct 1 brought the support for new match types and Elo ratings tied directly to players. With this, there is the introduction of new official match types:

  • Team vs Team (TvT)
  • Team vs Mixed (TvM)
  • Mixed vs Mixed (MvM)

Official matches no longer need two teams to happen. Official matches can now occur with 4 different players from 4 different teams. What's in it for you if you win? Bragging rights and an Elo boost. For each official match you participate in, you risk lowering your Elo but you also could get an increase. If you don't want to gamble, that's fine too! Fun matches aren't going away and haven't changed.

You can now run the /offi command on league servers with incomplete teams or teamless players on each team! Player Elos will be kept on a seasonal basis. What are the seasons?

  • Winter: January - March
  • Spring: April - June
  • Summer: July - September
  • Fall: October - December

Some Guidelines:

  • Official matches (whether mixed or not) are never between teammates of same team. Simply put, you cannot play against your own teammates in an official for League team elo. However, a totally mixed official is allowed for personal elo points (ie does not impact team elo) For example: mixed official kierra(FF) & hj(TA) vs mg(FF) & button(milk) would count for individual elo, not League team elo.

  • In a mixed official, once the match begins, players cannot change colors unless EVERYONE agrees to balance teams. Teams should be decided beforehand to avoid issues.

  • To avoid misunderstandings & conflicts from those too 'hot to trot' for mixed officials, communication must be CLEAR that it's a mixed official. Players be sure to check the chat and countdown timer message. It will state whether it's fm or official. Stands to reason if it's a mixed official and you don't want that, go obs!


We have servers located all around the world and each of those servers, have the official maps available through the /mapchange command.

In order to see the names of the available maps, use the /maplist command and to change to a different map, use the /mapchange command; e.g. /mapchange babel. After you rejoin, the new map will be loaded.

Public Servers

We provide a number of public servers that are not intended for official matches but instead are just for fun! We often test out new maps and gamemodes that we plan on making part of the league on this public servers. Public servers do not have any requirements of being on the spawn list, so while you're waiting to be added to the spawn list, join one of our public servers and have some fun!

  1. AHOD
  2. Brigade
  3. Dupi
  4. Octocage
  5. Last Tank Standing (LTS).
    • This server has /mapchange capabilities with Babel, Ducati, DucatiMini, Dupi, Hix, Ocut, & Pillbox.

We have a community of awesomely talented and creative players, here are some of the video tutorials they've made to help out players.

  1. Hix tutorial by OP
  2. Flag passing on Hix by OP
  3. Hix teleporter pass without jumping
  4. Hix pyramid trick shot
  5. Hix from tele to base
  6. Hix tutorial
  7. Hix pyramid jump

There are plenty of trick shots and memorized ricos. It just takes time to learn them. Feel free to ask any admin any questions you might have.