Fall 2017 Season Results

January 24, 2018

It took us a few months but season stats have finally arrived! Thank you all for being patient as we got this feature implemented and thank you for keeping us in check by always asking about the status of the leaderboard. It's really helpful to know what features you, as players, actually care about so we can prioritize them.

The new Season page is available in the top navigation bar and will always display the current season leaderboard. As promised, we have implemented this feature so it can retroactively display results such as the Fall 2017 Season Leaderboard.

We had a grand total of 944 matches, fun and official. Bertman and Easy Tank participated in over 200 of those matches alone; now that's awesome! Congratulations to click click boom who finished the season with an outstanding Elo of 1422! And congratulations to Kenshin, Monster, and Miro who all ended the season with an Elo over 1300!

Elo Discrepancies

You may or may not have noticed that the Elos listed in the leaderboard are probably different from what you remember. If you don't notice a difference, then pay no mind. However, if you did notice a difference, here's why.

With the introduction of seasons and player Elo ratings for each season, the player Elo changes need to be categorized based on season since every season the Elo resets at 1200. The incremental Elo calculations worked just fine. However, whenever an Elo recalculation was executed, this would cause an incorrect base Elo value to be used in a number of situations.

Explain like I'm five? There was a chance that instead of starting your season with a 1200 Elo, you started with a value higher or lower giving you an advantage or disadvantage from the start of the season.

So what does all of this mean for players? If you started with a disadvantage, you'll likely see a boost in your Elo balancing out the disadvantage. If you started with an advantage, you'll likely get a drop in your Elo balancing out the advantage. Don't worry, these are the real Elo ratings you should have always had. Because, maths!

Moving Forward

The Elo recalculation bug has been fixed (I think hope) so this issue shouldn't happen again. Congratulations to our top players on the leaderboard and thank you all for participating last season! Didn't make the leaderboard last season? Well the Winter 2018 season is just getting started!