BzMatchBall event

January 12, 2023

When: Saturday, January 14
Time: 3pm EDT, 20 UTC
What: Bzmatchball is a 'pass the flag map' where PZ flag is passed using the space bar. Where the flag is sent is based on which direction you are moving at that time.]Your enemy's flag is already in your base. To cap you need the PZ flag to enter the base, drop PZ and grab enemy flag to cap. At the cap, everyone dies, and PZ flag moves to the center.
Join us for the fun!


November 06, 2022

Players have asked me, "where is everybody?"
Well, I'll tell you where they should be this Sunday, November 6th ;).
Join as rogue before the countdown is done. If you miss the countdown, you'll have to wait till next round.
It's an elimination map...last tank alive wins!!!!
When: Sunday, November 6, 2022.
Time: New York - 4 PM, 21 UTC.
Maps: we go through several. Babel mini, duc, dupi, hix, ocut, lox and more hix

some areas of the world change their clocks in wee hrs of Sunday mindful so that you don't miss the fun.

CTF Super flag event

August 31, 2022

CTF event on super flag maps!
When: Monday, September 5, 2021
Time: 3pm NY time, 19 UTC
Where: Bertman's bmbz server 5198
What: In place are several super flag maps including: Whammo!'s ctf map, BoxyWars, CastleWarfare, CrossAssault, Gloom, Space Invaders plus more!

Super Flag event

August 18, 2022

Super flag event
When: Saturday, August 20
Time: 3pm DST, 19 UTC
Where: Bertman's Port 5198
What: In place are several super flag maps including: Two Castles, MW 2.3, Gloom, Whammo!'s ctf map, BoxyWars, CastleWarfare, CrossAssault,Space Invaders plus more!