Updates to League Servers

May 29, 2017

With release to the official league plugin, there a few updates that will be available to league servers.

Spawning on late entry

Since the days of Duc and GU, there has been the accepted practice of players killing themselves on their first spawn when they sub or join a match late in order to spawn randomly and not have a particular advantage. Not all new players knew about this practice, so an update has been pushed to match servers where players will no longer spawn at their base if they join 30 seconds after a match has started.

Players aren't reported correctly in matches

If a player would rejoin late in a match, they would not be reported as participating in the match. Sorry about that! Your dedication to playing in a match will now be reported correctly.

Getting kicked on join

With the introduction of maps with different colors, if a player would join a non-existent team (e.g. joining Purple on a Duc map) they'd be kicked. Players will now be forwarded to an existing team.

Self-capping during matches

Well, it doesn't happen often... But it may. Self-caps are now reported against the team who self-capped.

New Map

May 07, 2017

For those of you who do not know yet, we have added a new map in the LU rotation. It is called Xen, was created by llrr, and if you have not tried it I would suggest checking it out! It is based on Hix, but is not intended as a replacement or improved version. It offers an alternative to the existing maps and is a fine addition to our existing line-up.