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Founded: March 09, 2017

Activity: 0.00 matches per day

For Yvaika, Pam, and Grace F.

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Hello and Welcome!!

Short Introduction

Welcome to the team page of Zenith Grace. This team is for new as well as experienced players with an aim to increasing league activity, and helping new players get into playing official matches. If you're new to the league and not sure which team to join, feel free to try us :) We are not just a team, we are a family!

We support players of ALL Leagues United maps:

  • Hix
  • Xen
  • Ducati
  • Pillbox
  • Dupi
  • Babel

If you're interested in joining, shoot me a pm.

Guide to New Players

The following information is aimed at helping new players to instantly increase their skill levels at league level. Setting modifications are critical to league play, and most of the times players struggle to get better in the league because they don't have the right settings, so practising doesn't show results.

Important settings to modify:
  • Mouse Wheel UP - shoot (You can do this in the in-game settings. When binding shooting key, scroll up on your mouse)

This is important for mouse users as you can shoot bullets together as quickly or as slowly as you want. There's no delay between the first bullet and the others! You can achieve the same result with multiple keyboard shooting keys. For multiple shooting keys, you need to bind two keyboard keys in the settings, and either practise using two keys alternatively, or edit the config.cfg file to bind a third key so you can shoot 3 shots using 3 different keys (Yes, you can bind more than 2 keys for shooting! In fact, this applies to every other key binding). Ask around the league players to show you how to bind extra keys using the config file.

  • Radar Leading Shot Line - 30 (CRITICAL SETTING) (Type /localset linedradarshots 30 in the chat box whilst playing)

The radar shot line is a critical setting as it allows you to see where the shots will potentially be going. It allows you to find the gaps to dodge, or to prepare to jump early. You can choose any number to suit your own needs.

  • Maximum radar size in the settings menu

This is critical as in league play, you will be using the radar 95% of the times. You should get used to almost always looking at the radar instead of out the window!

Match Statistics

A breakdown of the number of wins, losses, and draws of Zenith Grace |ZG|
Result Count Percent
Wins 26 29%
Losses 54 60%
Draws 10 11%

Team Activity

A summary of the number of victories to total matches per month since the team's inception.
Month Number of matches per month Number of victories per month
Sep '17 0 0
Apr '18 0 0
Nov '18 0 0
Jun '19 0 0
Jan '20 0 0
Aug '20 0 0
Mar '21 0 0
Oct '21 0 0
May '22 0 0
Dec '22 0 0
Jul '23 0 0
Feb '24 0 0
Jul '24 0 0

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