June Map of the Month

May 29, 2023

Event incoming: See the information below for our next Map of the Month event! We’re mixing it up and going with a FFA map we all know and love.

Map: Badgerking FFA.
Date: Saturday, June 3.
Time: 3PM EST.
Server: bzflag.allejo.io:5131.

March Map of the Month

March 01, 2023

Coming this weekend:
This is a basic CTF map with super flags!!!!
What: Map of the Month (MOTM)
Map: BASES WAR by Rob5a!
When: Saturday, March 4, 2023
Where: Bmbz.freemyip.com Port 5182
Time: 3pm EST, 20 UTC
See you there for the fun! Don't miss it!

Runruns' Memorial Event

February 22, 2023

Memorial Event to honor RR:
When: Saturday, February 25, 2023
Where: T-roy Community server at bzflag.allejo.io Port 5173
Time: 3pm EST, 20 UTC
Map choices: babel, babel mini, ducati, ducmini, hix, pillbox. We'll play Rr's favorite maps
Come join in honoring the memory of Runruns.....a beautiful, kind-hearted soul no longer with us.

Map of the Month Event

February 09, 2023

News flash: BE THERE!
Coming this weekend: An event highlighting a different map each month.

What: Map of the Month (MOTM)
Map: FUN ARENA by ducatiwannabe!
When: Feb 11, 2023
Where: Bmbz.freemyip.com Port 5182
Time: 3pm EST, 20 UTC

Pleased to announce that Bertman is hosting the map of the month server. Stay tuned for announcement of future MOTM events scheduled for beginning of each month.

BzMatchBall event

January 12, 2023

When: Saturday, January 14
Time: 3pm EDT, 20 UTC
Where: bzflag.allejo.io:5199
What: Bzmatchball is a 'pass the flag map' where PZ flag is passed using the space bar. Where the flag is sent is based on which direction you are moving at that time.]Your enemy's flag is already in your base. To cap you need the PZ flag to enter the base, drop PZ and grab enemy flag to cap. At the cap, everyone dies, and PZ flag moves to the center.
Join us for the fun!