LU Season 2

November 21, 2021

The Season will run from 1/10/22 - 2/13/22 UTC time and will again be divided into 4 drafted teams. Some notes/changes below:

  • We will be collecting signups for who is interested (see link below), rather than drafting from all LU players. That caused some teams to have more inactive players than others, so we're hoping signups will help with this.
  • In Season 1, I got feedback about points being awarded 2x when playing on non-HiX-Duc maps...This Season, points will be awarded 1.5x instead. We still want to encourage play on other map styles this way, but the shrink in multiplier will help prevent runaways .
  • In Season 1, matches were consistently played through the first 5 weeks of the 7 week season, so we are limiting the season to 5 weeks.
  • 4 captains will draft from the list of players who used the signup sheet.

If you're interested in playing in Season 2, please visit the link below and show your interest. Your signup is due January 1, 2020, and teams will be drafted and shared before January 10.

Signup Link:
Season Rules:

Please PM or ping lep on Discord if you have questions. Looking forward to some more competitive games!