Clarification on the Fall changes

January 29, 2018

Oct 1 brought the support for new match types and Elo ratings tied directly to players. With this, there is the introduction of new official match types:

  • Team vs Team (TvT) ie: [FF] vs MILK
  • Team vs Mixed (TvM) ie MILK vs possum jenkins(poison) & Indy(Mavericks)
  • Mixed vs Mixed (MvM) button(milk) & sage(poison) vs moto unit(mavericks) & M1chael(BerZerk)

Some guidelines:

  • Official matches (whether mixed or not) are never between teammates of same team. Simply put, you cannot play against your own teammates in an official.
  • In a mixed official, once the match begins, players cannot change colors unless EVERYONE agrees to balance
    teams. Teams should be decided beforehand to avoid issues.
  • To avoid misunderstandings & conflicts from those too 'hot to trot' for mixed officials, communication must be CLEAR that it's a mixed official. Players be sure to check the chat and countdown timer message. It will state whether it's fm or official. Stands to reason if it's a mixed official and you don't want that, go obs!