January 16, 2018


A weekend event where League Teams (ie BerZerk vs Minimalist) match throughout the time frame listed and the team that matches the most in that time frame: wins the Matchathon.
Match on any of the maps offered on our match servers.
WIN LOSE or DRAW's the total number of matches played by a League team.
PLEASE NOTE: LU vs MIXED…..only the LU team gets a point added to their total. This is not an individual event.

Begins: Friday, January 19th NY 3pm EST, UK 20 UTC, Paris 21 CET, Berlin 21 CET

Ends: Sunday, January 21st NY midnight EST, UK 5 UTC, Paris 6 CET, Berlin 6 CET

Where: LU official Match servers:

  • 5196, 5197. 5198
  • BRL.ARPA.NET: 5196, 5197, 5198
  •, 5197, 5198

Triple Hix event is coming: Remember that Consti will be using ELOs for ranking! Boost your elos with officials!