September 16, 2015

In remembrance of Alice D, C.A.M., Didi, Murielle, Nidhoggr, and surftank we will be hosting three 30 minute FM's. One on hix, one on ducati and one on pillbox.
Allejo has kindly agreed to host a server which will be available in the next few day.
When: Sunday, Oct 11
Time: 3pm EDT, 19 UTC
We're hoping for 20 vs 20 and depending on how many turn up we may increase the size of the maps.


September 05, 2015

Mini Ducati is finally here!
You asked twice in the past for a smaller duc map for 2v2 official matching and it didn't happen. I'm happy to announce that
Mini Ducati Official map is available for 2v2 and 3v3 @

Thank you allejo for hosting


August 30, 2015


YesWeKanye: Captain Kalliope: orbit, hj, krisfeidt, r3lax, brad, klavier, Carnage, yvaika, araquiel, roo, ashvala, ducatiwannabe, jh^, etigah

Captain Tox: slime, asme, miro, morning glory, constitution, osta, kajo, jade, ccb, quantum dot, damns3xy, grysek, snake12534, black mage
Time: Sunday, September 13th 19 UTC, 3pm EDT


August 16, 2015

[size=5]Ducati All Stars Cup
Similar in concept to Hix All Star Cup
A best-of-3, 10v10 match. Whoever wants to play in these matches can sign up, whether they're from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc. Sign up link is posted below for registering for the draft pick.
Captains are Kalliope and Tox. Live draft is where captains will pick from the pool of players registered on the sign up link.
[size=5]Sign up Link

Live Draft date: Sunday, Aug 30th 18:30 UTC at Attendance here is optional, each captain will have a list of registered players. One by one, alternating, Kalliope & tox will pick a player to add to his own team. Hoping to have 14-15 chosen for 10v10 with subs available. Only those registered at the link below are eligible to be drafted. If you want to play in these matches, sign up, matters not if they're from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, or wherever, and whether they are active or haven't played in years. Be at the live draft and find out which team you'll play for and with what number pick you were drafted! After you are drafted, join the team with your captain. After the teams are made, each team can use the server to discuss strategies, times to meet up, etc. to prepare for the matches on Sept 13!

Ducati All Star Cup: Sunday, September 13th 19 UTC


June 26, 2015

ChesVal All Stars: 2015
Slightly different format: details TBA
When: September, date TBA
Where: Servers TBA