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Founded: January 16, 2018

Activity: 0.00 matches per day

In memory of M1chael's broken mouse.

Digitalis' admission process involves a holistic review of each tank's entire file. No particular factor is assigned a fixed weight; rather, the process involves a highly individualized assessment of the applicant's talents, achievements and his or her potential to contribute to owning with Digitalis.

Match Statistics

A breakdown of the number of wins, losses, and draws of Digitalis
Result Count Percent
Wins 19 32%
Losses 32 54%
Draws 8 14%

Team Activity

A summary of the number of victories to total matches per month since the team's inception.
Month Number of matches per month Number of victories per month
an '18 8 4
Feb '18 6 0
Mar '18 33 13
Apr '18 9 2
May '18 3 0

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