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Founded: November 29, 2009

Activity: 0.00 matches per day


Team History:
The WakoSSS were created in late 2009, and consisted of young players that had never played ducati before.
The first 72 matches of the teams history were either losses or draws.
The match #73 become the biggest moment in the teams history; defeating AeX 2-1.

Want To Join The Team?
The WaKoSSS have always been looking for new players ever since it was created. So if you would like to join contact zoominin or Jacko h. If this is passed by both of the leaders, you will be able to join.

Team Rules
In our team we dont have many rules, we just:
Play to have fun, not to win.
Always friendly to team mates.
And to Stay Wako

Have fun on the battlefield

Match Statistics

A breakdown of the number of wins, losses, and draws of The WaKoSSS
Result Count Percent
Wins 64 21%
Losses 214 70%
Draws 27 9%

Team Activity

A summary of the number of victories to total matches per month since the team's inception.
Month Number of matches per month Number of victories per month
Jun '10 0 0
Feb '11 3 0
Oct '11 2 0
Jun '12 0 0
Feb '13 0 0
Oct '13 0 0
Jun '14 0 0
Feb '15 0 0
Oct '15 0 0
Jun '16 0 0
Feb '17 0 0
Jan '18 0 0

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